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Friday, August 29, 2014

High Five for Friday

Woohoo!  It's not only Friday, but it's a 3-day weekend!  Here lately, it feels like my weeks are flying by, which makes me just a little bit sad.  Sometimes I wish it would slow down just a little.  Anyways, let's review this past week:

1. Last weekend alternated between rainy and sunny.  We made the most of it, though, and took Kane to some local parks.  On Saturday, Chauncey and I took him and he had a total meltdown.  On Sunday, Kane and I went with my friend Kara and her adorable daughter.  He had a much better time then.  The kids loved the ducks!

Thanks, Kara, for snapping this pic!

2(a).  My order for the Lilly Pulitzer sale arrived!  It arrived pretty quickly, but nothing is ever easy though (anyone else feel this way?).  I had checked my tracking # and it said the order was out for delivery.  I got home and saw a slip on my door, so I immediately thought that it needed a signature and hadn't been delivered--utter disappointment.  I went to get the tag off the door, and noticed that it said the package had been delivered.  It had a note that had an arrow drawn and said "bush."  Yay!  Then I got to look behind the bush, where they always leave my package.  No package.  I look to the side of the bush.  No package.  I look all around.  No package.  By this point, I'm ready to have a heart attack!  That's an $83 package that's missing.  So I go knock on my neighbor's door to see if they happened to pick it up.  No package.  I call Chauncey to see if he got the delivery. No package.  I finally give up, and decide to call the number on the tag to report my package missing:(  I decide to frantically look one last time, and my hands and knees.  As I kneel down and look up, I see a glimpse of white--there it is, my package!  The Fedex guy stuck it down in the bush!  Thanks for having my back, Mr. Fedex guy, but next time, give me a better hint, please!

Left: Lilly Pulitzer Cordon Dress in Hotty Pink Let's Get Crackin', $34 (reg. $98)
Right: Lilly Pulitzer Brewster Dress in Deep Sea Blue Quahog Chowdah, $49 (reg. $98)
No longer available for the above prices:(

2(b). I had the perfect occasion to wear one of my new dresses the next day.   Two of our friends, who just got engaged, are moving to England soon for a year.  On Saturday, we went out for a goodbye/celebration dinner with them.  Congrats Tommy and Abby!!!!  We'll miss you two!

Perfect excuse to wear my new Lilly dress:)  Thanks to Kelli D. for the photography!

4. I was selected as a sponsor for Mimi's Monograms!  In case you missed last week's #H54F, check out the cute (and cheap!) monogram scarf I ordered here.  She's also having all kinds of good deals now through Labor Day (09/01), including:

Monogrammed Pocket Tees- $13.59 using discount code below
Monogrammed Clutch w/ chain- $16.99 with discount code below

Be sure to use the promo code TIF15 for an extra 15% at checkout!*  Everything always ships free, and this weekend, you'll get a free koozie from Set Sail Shirt Co. with every order!
*Even though I am a sponsor for Mimi's Monograms, please know that I only support businesses/companies that I like.  I ordered from Mimi's before I became her sponsor, and will continue to order from there in the future! 

4.  Look at the goodies I picked up this week!  Reviews coming soon.

Leopard Tassel Necklace: Purple Peridot, $15.99.
Sephora + JCP Meet Your Match Kit: Sephora, $11.24 in store (still $25 online).
Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat, Oxygen Performance Top Coat, and Lip Vernis in Peony: $32.79 in product only $2.79 using Julep credits and Maven savings!
5.  I'm doing a collaboration with Sarah Lammy, Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant.  I had several readers ask me about Jamberry nails, but I had never tried them before!  Lesson here: if you want to see it on the blog, ask and I'll try to deliver.  So I teamed up with Sarah to try them out and we're bringing you a giveaway!  Be sure to pop back over on Monday to get my thoughts on Jamberry and enter to win!

How's YOUR week been?  Find any good deals?  Have something totally awesome happen? Let me know in the comments below!  I hope everyone has a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend:)

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wardrobe Re-Wear : Maxi Skirt [Guest Blogger]

Allow me to introduce you all to Jill from Doused in Pink.  I happened upon Jill's blog when I was reading comments on another blogger's post and her blog name caught my eye.  Once I clicked over and saw her awesome style on a budget, I knew I had found a new blog to follow!  Jill really makes the most of her clothing budget (seriously--check out some of her awesome deals here). I love the outfits she puts together, and I know you will too!  

A few weeks ago when Tif asked me to be a guest blogger for her Wardrobe Re-Wear series, I was thrilled!  I love to get the most mileage out of my wardrobe and styling the same piece several ways.

I got this maxi skirt from Old Navy for a steal using Gap Rewards and it is such a versatile piece in my closet, it has been on repeat all summer! 

OUTFIT 1 : Maxi Skirt as a Skirt 

Here I paired the skirt with a tank and sandals.  I added a few bracelets and a statement necklace to complete the look.  When it's blazing hot in the summer, maxi skirts are the best option to stay cool. This was the perfect outfit for walking around town and having dinner outdoors.

 OUTFIT 2 : Maxi Skirt as a Dress

For date night with the Hubs, I wore the skirt as a dress by adding a wide belt.  Then I threw on a jean jacket and booties.  I have worn maxi dresses as skirts before, but this was the first time I have worn a maxi skirt as a dress.  I have to say, it was super comfortable and I will definitely be wearing this again!

Thanks for reading today!  


Doused In Pink

Be sure to head on over to Doused in Pink and check out the rest of Jill's style on a budget!

Monday, August 25, 2014

DIY Monogram Phone Cover

I love anything that is customized, especially if it's customized with a monogram!  What I don't like, however, is the price tag that comes with customization.  I was very unimpressed at pricing when I started looking for a monogrammed cell phone cover.   Furthermore, I felt like those covers were not very durable  (i.e., that would last maybe 2 rounds of my dropping them on the ground).

Instead, I settled on getting just a plain hard silicone case in a bright color that I liked.  Hard silicone cases are cheap and come in many different colors, but I've found them to be excellent phone protectors.  I'm super hard on phones, so protection is a very important factor for me when it comes to phone cases.

While browsing on eBay, I came across these cases that were brightly-colored on the sides and clear on the back.  I like that they were clear, as this allowed my white phone to show through for a clean look. But then a lightbulb went off in my head--why not order a vinyl monogram, pop it on the back of my actual phone, and let it show through my new case?!  Better yet, the cases were so cheap, I could order several and switch them out when I wanted something different, all for about the cost of 1 monogrammed case!

What You Need

  1. Phone case with clear back (such as the ones below)
  2. Vinyl monogram- 1.5" or smaller for standard-size cell phones (Samsung Galaxy S series, iPhones) or 2" for larger phones/phablets (Samsung Note series).

2" Lilly Pulitzer inspired monogram in Bait and Switch

Step 1: Make sure the back of your phone is clean.

Step 2: Peel off the back of the vinyl monogram.

Step 3: Carefully place the monogram where you would like it on the back of your phone and push down to make the monogram stick.  I recommend simply centering the monogram.

Step 4: If the placement is correct, run a credit card lightly over the back of the monogram to make sure it doesn't peel up when you peel the cover off the front of the monogram.

Step 5:  Slowly pull the front cover off the monogram.

Step 6: Pop on your new case!  And change it at your leisure.

Feel free to change the outside case as you like--since the monogram is on the actual phone, you don't have to worry about getting a new one every time you switch cases!

All done for way under $10!  I really like the versatility of this option, as well as the super affordable price-point.

Friday, August 22, 2014

High Five for Friday

TGIF!  Grad school started back this week, so life has been a little hectic.  Oh well, full speed ahead!  Let's recap this past week:

1.  As mentioned grad school started back--I have officially had my LAST 1st day of school ever.  By the time I finish my MBA in December, I will be have 9.5 years of post-secondary education.  I never planned to do that (or have this many degrees), but God has blessed me to be well-educated!

2. Ok [confession time], who shopped the After Party Sale this week?!  I am a newbie to Lillie Pulitzer, but I love it!  The few items I have came from Clothes Mentor because I refuse to pay that much for stuff.  Enter the After Party Sale--I was able to pick up 2 dresses at some seriously great prices!

Speaking of Lilly, I stopped by the Front Porch last night.  They always have excellent coupons, so I got this Lilly Pulitzer agenda and a Puj faucet cover for the bathtub--clearly, I was in an elephant kind of mood:)

Puj Faucet Cover (reg. $10.99, on sale $6; online for $9.99 here)
Lilly Pulitzer Agenda in Tusk in the Sun (reg $22, with coupon $17.60)

3. I went back home to visit last weekend.  I got to catch up with some good friends, eat at some of my favorite places, and we even tried out Bingo.  My friends and I were very disappointed, however, that we got there too late to play the paper game with the neon-colored daubers.  Evidently, you can play Bingo on a machine now and it's all automated:(

It was $10 to play all the different games going on that night--not too bad for a couple of hours
cracking up with friends!
4.  My cute infinity scarf from Mimi's Monograms finally came in!  It was on backorder, but shipped super quick once Mimi was done with it.  I know I live in Kentucky and it's still summer, but I had to wear it to work today, because it was just too cute!  My office stays pretty cold, after all.  Stay tuned--I'll have a blog post soon about how I wore it today, while also giving some pointers on pattern mixing!

Scarf, $12.99. Add monogram, $7. Use code CRYSTAL15 for an extra 15% off.
Total: $16.99

5(a).  Since I said goodbye to Birchbox, I cashed out all of my points.  I had 400 points, which was equal to $40 in FREE products.  I picked up 2 of the new Benefit's They're Real Push-up Liner (see my thoughts here) and Benefit's Boi-ing Concealer.  Since I spent over $35, I got a mystery sample pack for free ($10 value).  I also used a coupon code (WELCOMEOFFER20) for 20% off $25+.  I scored $78 in products for only $14.40!

5(b).  I also received my 1st Ipsy Glam Bag, which is the subscription service I switched to (read about what Ipsy is and why I switch here).  I'm already in love!

How's YOUR week been?  Find any good deals?  Have something totally awesome happen? Let me know in the comments below!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ipsy August Glam Bag

I recently signed up for Blog Lovin'.  Blog Lovin' is a way to read all of your favorite blog posts in one place, and it will always keep you up-to-date on my latest posts.  If you're not already following me on Blog Lovin', click the button below to add me.  If you don't have Blog Lovin', you can always enter your email address in the box to the right (under my pic) to have the latest posts delivered to your inbox!

If you read the most recent High Five for Friday post, then you know that I very recently broke up with  Birchbox.  While I loved the service, I was just ready for something new, and didn't want to pay for 2 subscription services.  With Birchbox, I felt like I was getting a lot of hair products and facial stuff, but not a lot of makeup.  Makeup is probably my favorite category of the 3, so I wanted something that would give my more makeup samples from brands I wanted to try.  Enter Ipsy.

Ipsy is very similar to Birchbox--same price point, overall same concept, but instead of getting a box, you get an actual bag that you can use!  I kept seeing Ipsy Glam Bag's showing up on various blogs and in my Instagram feed, and finally I had to take the plunge and try it.

My first Glam Bag came in the mail this weekend.  I was very excited to get it, because Ipsy's website allows you to preview what's going to be in your bag.  I saw that I would be receiving Urban Decay's new Perversion mascara.  Urban Decay is a brand that has really caught my eye lately, and I was excited to see this new product in my bag!

In my August Glam Bag, I received:

Dr. Brandy Pores No More Pore Refiner
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
J. Cat Beauty Flying Solo Eye Shadow
Jesey Shore Sun Monhongo Lip Conditioner
Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

Overall, I really enjoyed the items in my bag.  Four of the 5 products were makeup related, which is exactly what I was looking for!  

If you're interested in trying Ipsy, you can sign up through my referral link here.  Ipsy is $10/month. What you receive depends on your answers to their beauty quiz.  You will receive a Glam Bag with deluxe and/or full size (like my eyeshadow this month!) samples.  You can also earn ipsyPoints through various activities and referrals, which can be then be redeemed for bonus items in your bag!

What do you think?  Do you prefer Birchbox or Ipsy?  Was I crazy for dumping Birchbox?  Was I crazy for not getting Ipsy sooner? Let me know in the comments below--I'd love to hear what your experience has been with a monthly subscription service!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Transitioning Brights from Summer to Fall

Right now is a great time to pick up items during end-of-season sales (check out my post here for tips on how to shop them)!  It's during this time that I pick up pieces that I've had my eye on, or that just catch my eye--pieces that I would never buy full price, but that are closet must-haves.

I picked up this pink shirt from Bluetique for only $5 during the recent Lexington boutique sale!  The skirt is from J. Crew and retailed at $79.50 when it was full price.  I scored it for $23.99 during a recent online sale (thanks, With Pearls and a Stethoscope, for showcasing this skirt and making me want it badly).

Now, some of you may not see the point of buying short-sleeves or shorter skirts when fall is right around the corner.  Well, even though you can always just put them up for next spring/summer, I like to get lots of wear out of my clothes.  For the sleeveless shirt, you can always toss on a dark blazer or a cardigan (like I did below!).  It will be the perfect pop of color, and the front ruffle makes it great for business wear.  As for the skirt, you can always pair it with a long-sleeved black top, some tights, and some riding boots!  These 2 tricks almost always work, and help to extend your wardrobe options from season to season!  

Cardigan: Maurices, $7.50
Top: Bluetique Cheap Chic, $5
Skirt: J. Crew, $23.99 on sale (now $41.99 using code SHOPSALE)
Update: Head over to the J. Crew Factory site, where you can grab the khaki-colored version for $29.99 or the printed version for $22.49 with code EXTRA25!!!
Earrings: Bluetique Cheap Chic, free (enclosed w/ order)
Necklace: Purple Peridot, $8.10 on sale (now $14.99)
Watch: Coach, gift
Shoes: Payless (similar, $14)

Special thanks to April Brooks for being my photographer for this post!  

Friday, August 15, 2014

High Five for Friday

Hello, lovely readers!  Congratulations--we've made it to Friday [happy dance]!  Let's catch up and review this past week:

1. It's been a good nail polish week.  And a better one may be coming, as I'm in the process of trying out Jamberry nails!

The new OPI Nordic collection released at Ulta!  I love it because it reminds me of Frozen. The violet hue on my nails is "Do You Have This Color in Stock-Holm" and my ring finger is accented with "My Voice Is Norse."
OPI Little Northies Collection: Ulta, $13.95 ($10.45 w/ $3.50 coupon)
Check out the post here for details on how to get all of this for $2.99 shipped ($62 value)!

2. Last night, Kane and I headed out to Thursday Night Live with our good friend, April.  If you live in Lex and have never experienced TNL, you should go.  We had great food, great conversation, and an all-around great time!  Kane especially enjoyed petting all of the animals-- doggies, horseys, and balloon animals too.  April was also kind enough to play photographer for some blog photos, so stay tuned!

Speaking of Kane, he began transitioning to the next room up at his daycare on Monday.  He loves it, but it's always a little sad to mommy that her baby is not such a baby anymore.

3.  On Saturday morning, I "ran errands."  And by ran errands, I mean I shopped (anytime I'm going shopping by myself, I always tell Chauncey that I'm running  Lex had its specialty shop sale, which is when most of the boutiques in town get together under one roof and have their merchandise at least 50% off!  While I was disappointed that the local Lilly boutique pulled out at the last minute, I got some great deals--all the items below were only $55 from Bluetique Cheap Chic!  My favorite find was the houndstooth bow-back dress for only $5!

Say hi to my furry photobomber, Gizmo:)  Also, the houndstooth dress is shown from the back.
And yes, those pants are BRIGHT.  Be sure to follow along on Instagram for a look at how I styled them!
4. It wouldn't be a #H54F post without some food.  Clockwise, from top left:  [one[I had a coupon for a free lunch combo at Applebee's this week, so I had a nice, free lunch with some good friends (don't worry--I had coupons for them too).  I also had this awesome Icee from Burger King.  I craved them the last little bit of my pregnancy, and still enjoy them.  I gave Kane a couple of sips, and he loved it too!  Finally, I got a free appetizer from Texas Roadhouse, which equaled a free meal!
I'd already taken a bite of the chicken tender before I thought to snap a pic. Oops.

5. I received my last Birchbox in the mail.  Isn't that sad?  I truly love Birchbox, and I seriously just reached Ace status, but I felt like it was time to change things up.  I joined Ipsy, which is very similar to Birchbox, except for every month you get your items in a Glambag (an actual reusable pouch) instead of a box.  Ipsy seems to have more of a make-up bent to it, whereas with Birchbox I felt like I got a lot of hair products. I'll be sure to share with you guys when it arrives!

How's YOUR week been?  Find any good deals?  Have something totally awesome happen? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, I recently just installed my blog button! If you're a blogger and would be interested in doing a button swap, please email me at!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Julep Maven Box

Julep Maven is a monthly box service by Julep that delivers nail polish, nail-related items, and cosmetics straight to your home.  It is similar to Birchbox or Ipsy, but differs in that the items are all full-sized and all from a single brand.  What you receive depends on what Maven Style Profile you choose.  I took the quiz and got "It Girl," which is 3 nail colors per box.

My mom recently sent me a deal where you receive your 1st box free (4-piece gift).  While the product and color selections vary, you will receive 3 nail polishes and 1 beauty product (valued at $62). You only pay $2.99 for shipping!

I had been looking at Julep Maven for a while, so I decided to take the plunge.  While you have to sign up for the Julep Maven service, you can cancel at any time (just don't forget to do so if you don't want to receive more boxes*).  The lower-tier monthly box runs $24.99/month or $19.99/month with a 3-month paid subscription.  Also, like Birchbox and Ipsy, you can earn points and earn $15 to spend on the website for each friend that subscribes!
*The website says you must cancel by the 24th of the month to avoid being charged.

I was please when I received the box in the mail!  The body milk had a light, pleasant scent and felt silky smooth.  The nail polish were super cute colors--I currently have the silver on my toes and the red-orange on my nails.  The nail polish was vibrant in color, but I found that it applied heavy, so be careful to wipe the extra polish off the brush before applying to nail.

Nail colors (l to r): Braiden (Stardust Finish), Lena, and Sydney
I thought that $2.99 was an awesome deal for these 4 products!  If you want to get in on the deal, follow this link to sign up!  You won't be disappointed!  If nothing else, this would make a great Christmas gift for someone!

Have you already signed up for Julep Maven?  If so, what did you think?

Monday, August 11, 2014

How to Clean Out Your Closet

I don't know about you, but I hate cleaning, especially when it comes to my closet.  Why?  Because (1) my closet is usually a wreck (who has time to put the clothes back on hangers???), and (2) I hate to get rid of my clothes.  I mean, come on, I may need that hideous shirt one day, right?   Anyways, I sucked it up and made the plunge this weekend.  If this chore is as painful for me as it is for you, let me help you out.  ***Feel free to print out the checklist below***

 It has been more than 4 months since the last time you clean out your closet.
 You recently went on a shopping spree and purchased more than 10 clothing items.
 You'd like to make some $$$.

 Messy?  I hate to say it, but start with the messiest part of your closet.  Yes, if you have clothes thrown in the floor of your closet, then I mean start there.  
Neat?  Pick a category (like pants, sweaters, or t-shirts) and start there.  

Make a 1st Pass through your closet.  Get rid of:

 Anything that you absolutely hate and wonder why you purchase in the 1st place.  Seriously. Chalk it up as a loss and move on.
 Anything that you swore you were going to get rid of the last time you wore it, but it somehow made it back in your closet--think pants that are too short, shirts that you kept pulling at all day, etc.
 Anything that you haven't worn in over 2 years that you won't need again.  And by need again, I don't mean that somewhere in the realm of possibility you might just maybe wear again.  I mean items that could be used for costumes (tie dye shirts or camo pants) or special occasions (suits or glam dresses).
 Anything that has outlived its life, like shirts that have holes in them or pants that are completely worn in the seat. 

The 2nd Pass is much harder.  For this pass, really look at your clothes and analyze each item piece-by-piece.   Try items on instead of just eyeballing them to see what you think.  Enlist a trusted friend for the try-on process who will tell you the truth about how something looks.  Make 2 piles--things that definitely must go and things that need to be tried-on.  Get rid of:

 Anything that no longer fits.  This is the hardest part for me.  If you're holding on to an item until you lose 5 or 10 lbs, and that item has been in your closet for more than 1 year, it's time to let it go (unless you're now actively in the process of losing the weight).  Look at the bright side--if you lose the weight at some point in the future, then you deserve some new clothes for losing weight that you had wanted to lose forever!  I know that after having a baby, some things just fit me differently, even though I'm back to pre-baby weight, so I [sadly] kissed them goodbye.
Anything that doesn't flatter your body.   If you finally find a fit of jeans that work for you, get rid of all the jeans that don't! If a dress just isn't working for your body type, pitch it!  Shows major muffin top?  Gone.  Just because you bought them doesn't mean you should keep wearing them.
Anything that you haven't worn in over 1 year that you won't need again.  Since this is the pass where you try-on items, this will help you to see if you may ever wear it again, or if there's a reason it's been hanging in your closet for so long!
 Anything that doesn't make you happy.  Let's be honest--some clothes just depress me when I look I them.  Toss em!  Life's too short to wear depressing clothing!

Congrats on making it this far and cleaning out your closet!  You've got options, including:

 Have a clothing swap with friends!  If you're going to be miserable and clean out your closet, shouldn't they do it too?
 Sell your clothes!  I frequently sell my clothes on my personal Facebook page, but you can also have a yard sale, put the clothes on a website like eBay or Poshmark, take them to a consignment store, or sell to a resale shop like Clothes Mentor.  You will usually get the most money by selling online, and the least amount of money by taking the items to a resale shop.
 Donate your clothes!  You can donate to Goodwill, other local drop-offs, a local church, or even some local schools (for instance, if they have a Youth Service Center).

Happy closet cleaning!  As bad as I hate cleaning out my closet, I'm always happy with the results--a clean closet and a fresh take on what outfits I can put together, as I always discover clothes I forgot I had.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Victoria's Secret PINK FRIDAY-- Today ONLY

Disclaimer: You may never see 2 posts in 1 day from me again (click here or keep scrolling if you're looking for my High 5 for Friday post), but this is a 1-day deal and worth the post!

It's Pink Friday at Victoria's Secret!  What does that mean?  You have the rest of the evening to score some awesome deals if you haven't hit up the sale already:)


I went to the sale over my lunch break at work, and here's what I picked up:

VS Pink Wear Everywhere Bra  in Ruby w/ leopard print edging, 2/$42.50 (I only got 1 because I had a $10 off coupon to use).

DEALS 1 &2

Deal 1: You can get a bundle outfit for $30!  This is a huge savings!  There are 4 different color choices in the sweatshirt ($39.95 value), but the legging ($19.50 value) is only available in black.   

Deal 2: If you're a Pink Nation member (join here and get a coupon for a free panty with Pink purchase), then you can get this bralette for only $5 ($22.95 if you're not a member)--just follow the instructions from the app!  
I believe this deal is sold out online:(
DEAL 3This tote and tumbler is FREE with any $65 Pink purchase, in-store or online.  If ordering online, simply add to cart and use code VSPINK.  You can choose from 3 colors for the tote--berry, black, or coral.  While the material that the tote is made out of is thin, the tote does feature a zip top and a snap on the front pouch.  Also, it's hard to see in this picture, but the tumbler has PINK written on it in shiny silver writing.  It's too cute!

 If you do decide to order online, you can  get free shipping with any $50 PINK purchase by using promo code PINK50SHIP.

Happy shopping!

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday and TGIF!  Let's recap the week:

1.  I was back home this weekend, so I had to stop for a sno cone!  There's an awesome little Tropical Sno place that I have been going since I as a kid.  They have sooo many flavors.  I got 1/2 wedding cake and 1/2 vampire blood.

That's Essie's Bikini So Teeny on my nails:)
2. I snagged this set from Ipsy for only $20 shipped ($81 value)!   I did a review and a classy, natural makeup that can will take you from the office to happy hour--read it here.  The post also has a link to Ulta's awesome BOGO FREE deal on Pur Minerals (good through 08/09)!  It also includes the new eyeliner I'm in love with!

3. Kane and I had 2 lunch and dinner dates over the weekend.  We met up with some good friends at the local dairy bar on Saturday, and then took the long drive home and met up with more friends!  It was so nice to catch-up with everyone!

Kayla (l) just found out she's expecting a little one of her own!  I think Al and Kane gave her a preview of what she's in for.
This is Kane (r) with his buddy Noah (l).  Jen and I got married 1 week apart, and had our boys 3 days apart.  Since we do all of our life events together, I ask her not to die anytime soon;)  Yes, Kane wore the same outfit Noah had on the day before, so they were almost twins.  PS-- doesn't Kane looks so devious here?!

4. I finally got in my interchangeable tassel bracelet from Style This Life!  Head over here to get the details and a promo code for 15% off your order from Style This Life's Etsy shop through the end of the month!

1 bracelet with 7 ways to wear for $11 (less with promo code)?! Yes, please!

5. Today makes 2 year since my Mamaw passed away.  She was absolutely awesome--the stories I could tell you about her!  She was beautiful inside and out!  You may wonder why I'm sharing this on my #H54F post (which are happy posts), but instead of being sad, I want to take today to remember how great she was and celebrate that!  In the last couple of years before she died, she learned how to "work" the computer, bought a laptop, and left up 3 tabs at all times--Facebook, Gmail, and the local obituaries (I kid you not).  And Lord have mercy if someone closed 1 of those tabs and she couldn't figure out how to sign back  She would have gotten such a kick out of this blog, and I'm sure she would have left 4 tabs open now.  So here's to you Mamaw--love and miss you!
Mary Lillie Stacy, 1945-2012.  She passed away 2 weeks after I sat for the bar.

How's your week been?  Find any good deals?  Have something totally awesome happen? Let me know in the comments below!

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